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34 Senate seats (12-D/22-R) are up for re-election.

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All 435 Legislature seats are up for


If your Rep is NOT focused on you and your needs, REPLACE THEM with someone who will!

Repeat as necessary!

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Accessible like no President, ever!

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Note from site developer/owner:


Given the current political climate, "progressive republicans", democrats, socialists,

progressive policy supporters (everything free to everyone)

will not be listed on this site.

There has been solid evidence by words, deeds and actions, 

that the views of those parties do not align with the Conservative Values of the Founding Fathers.

If you would like the illusive, verified and documented "moderate" candidate of those political ideologies

to be considered, please email vetted documentation indicating those qualities for review.

**Opinion**  #1 reason to re-elect:

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."